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adorableness in bite size portions! <3

paprikaSTUDIOS Product Highlight!

Chibi Huggables

Chibi Huggables is one of our most popular products by far! They range between 14 to 17 inches depending on the character and are made with a soft luxe material! These pillows are perfect to snuggle up to while holding your favorite character or a very nice decoration to your home! 

The Chibi Huggables can be purchased here at:

A Message to Conventions

Thank you for taking the time to consider my portfolio/submission to participate in your convention's artist alley! I have provided two separate galleries for your review under the "GALLERY" tab: Completed Works and Upcoming Artwork. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!

Tabitha Lu

Chibi Tohru!

I recently opened up commissions for the first time in two years and a client commissioned me to draw Wiz from Konosuba! It was a whole lot of fun down to the final days of working on this as well as the background! You can see the full image of this in my Gallery under Completed Works!

Newest Sketch!

I recently came across a fantasy name challenge on Facebook where you google your name and posted the images that were relevant to your search. Deciding it would be more fun to create a design influenced by those designs, I gave Paprika new design and googled her name instead! I'm static with how well it turned out!