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adorableness in bite size portions! <3

Past Conventions

  •  Ichibancon
  • Con Nooga
  • KiraKiraCon
  • Oak City Comicon
  • Nashicon
  • Charlotte Comic Con (Spring)
  • Savannah Mega Comic Con
  • Animazement
  • Momocon
  • Anime Mid-Atlantic
  • Hama-con
  • Tampa Bay Comicon
  • Queen City Anime Convention
  • Charlotte Comic Con (Summer)
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta
  • Fayetteville Comicon
  • Banzaicon
  • NC Comicon
  • Yama-con
  • Jekyll Island Comic Con
  • Charlotte Comic Con (Winter)

About paprikaSTUDIOS

paprikaSTUDIOS, located in McLeansville, NC, is a studio that specializes in chibi artwork in both original and fanart pieces. We started the con circuit at the beginning of 2013 and have continue to share our love for creating artwork that people can connect to since!

About The Artist

Anime and Japanese culture has been a strong influence in my life through art since middle school. I will honestly say that anime was the jump start of this as it was in middle school I was introduced to my first anime called "Ghost in the Shell" and shortly after "Sailor Moon". I was so intrigued by the story and the art style that I wanted to do my own version of that style with the same type of story telling.

I am now a college graduate with a 3D degree who creates multiple stories and universes through both story telling and artwork with 2D and 3D illustrations. Thanks to the influence of Japanese culture and the anime style, I was able to find my voice.