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adorableness in bite size portions! <3

The prices below reflect individual commission pricing only. For commercial businesses and all other uses, please contact me for a quote.

Commission Pricing

Fanart Commission - $25 and up (simple background)

Restricted Fanart Commission - $35 and up (simple background)

Non-Fanart Commission - $55 and up (with simple portrait background)

If the character is your original character (this also included avatars and characters created through MMORPGS), then your character would be labeled as a "Non-Fanart Commission".

What does my commission included?

Your commission included a 8.5 x 11 standard size print mailed to your house and one hi-res digital files to use for personal use. The commission itself will be a fully colored piece with a simple but creative background.


Additional Characters - $20 each

Stickers - Add $3.00 to your commission total

Chibi Huggable - Inquire (Fanart Commissions Only)

Chibi Charm - Inquire (Fanart Commissions Only)


The following list below are series that will be charged at the "Restricted Fanart" rate:

  • RWBY
  • Miraculous Lady Bug

The following list below are things/subjects that I will NOT draw

  • Intercourse/Full Nudity
  • Mecha
  • Homestruck
  • Nightvale

FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why the different tier pricing for Fanart Characters and Non-Fanart Characters?

A: The reason for different tier pricing for FANART and NON-FANART Characters is mainly for resell value. As a fanart character that exists in a already establish series/movie/published comic/etc, I am able to resell these prints at conventions/storenvy and continue to gain revenue. As for NON-FANART, I consider them to be a limited edition drawing, thus I will not resell the piece.

Q: What is the difference between Fanart and Restricted Fanart Commissions and why the price difference?

A: The difference between Fanart and Restricted Fanart Commissions is that I am restricted to where I am able to sell that particular commission. If I am restricted on where I can sell a particular series, that means I only have a few areas to where I can sell it. For example, RWBY has very strict rules when it comes to selling fanart so I wouldn't be able to sell it at anime conventions which are 2/3's of the conventions I sell at. The reason why I offer my fanart commissions at a low price is that I have the ability to resell said commission at other conventions and if that particular series is restricted, I will have to charge more due to my lack of reselling options.

Q: If you have plans to resell my fanart commission, why charge a commission price at all?

A: When someone commissions me to draw a fanart character, you are still commissioning my services to draw for you. Chances are that I may have never planned to draw that character or only have planned to draw that character further down the road.

Q: Why do you not accept Homestruck/Nightvale commissions?

A: These group of "indieā€ artists has specifically asked to not have the their works sold by anyone else by them. Out of personal respect for indie artists, I had decided to comply with their requests.

Q: How does the 8.5 x 11 print work with your commissions?

A: Whenever someone commissions me for a digitally colored piece, you automatically get a 8.5 x 11 piece mailed to you which is included in the commission price unless specified otherwise. All other add-ons are not included in the price though.

Q: I only want to commission you for "this item". How much will the commission cost me for just that?

A: My commission prices stated above will remain the same regardless if you only want a particular item at the end of the commission. You may switch out the print for an item I offer or add on an item for additional costs.

Q: What is the delivery timeline of my commission?

A: Unfortunately, this varies as I am working a very busy schedule as I attend and sell at conventions the entire year; typically averaging between 2 to 3 conventions a month. Due to this, I cannot give an exact date but the commission will be delivered within the year it was commission and always at high quality.

Q: I need to cancel my commission. Can I get a refund?

A: Depending on where I am with your commission, you may get a refund. If I haven't started your commission, the full cost of the commission (minus paypal fees) will be refunded. If I have already started to sketch/lineart your commission, 50% of the commission cost (minus paypal fees) will be refunded to you to cover the cost of labor. If I have started to color your commission, no refund will be given due to the amount of time already spent on the commission.

Q: I want to commission you for business purposes. Does you prices above reflect the rate you would charge me?

A: No, the pricing above reflects personal/private commissions only. Since I would be relinquishing my right to provide artwork for your business to use/print, a conversation would need to be held and a business quote would need to be provided. For inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

Commission Terms and Conditions

Upon accepting your commission, please include example images and/or description(s) of your character(s) involved. Details and final prices will be discussed further in e-mail. All prices above are subjected to the complexity of the character(s). Full payment is due before I begin the commission. Afterwards, I will put you on my commission list in the order I receive your payment.

Once a sketch is complete, I will contact you for an approval before I continue to the lineart process. This is the only time when changes can be made to the commission. Requesting changes after the sketch has been approved may be subjected to additional costs depending on the compliexcity of the change (which will be discussed via e-mail).

Once the commission is complete, a physical 8.5 x 11 standard size print will be mailed to a specified address and an e-mail with two high-res files will be sent your e-mail address for personal usage only.

If the character commissioned is a FANART/RESTRICTED FANART CHARACTER, I reserve the right to resell the commission at my disposal as well to use the commission as an example of my work on Deviantart, Facebook, Twitter, my personal portfolio, etc. If the character is a NON-FANART CHARACTER, I reserve the right to use your commission as an example of my work on Deviantart, Facebook, Twitter, my personal portfolio, etc but will not resell the commission.

For payment policies and FAQ, please visit the following link:

For additional information about my commission pricing and policies please feel free to contact us by using the form below and we will get back to you at our next available opportunity.
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